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7 Cool Kids Hairstyles for Summer

When it comes to kid's haircuts, there’s no reason you shouldn't get creative and have some fun! Kids love to rock pops of color or unique hair designs or trendy cuts to help them stand out at school and show off their personality.

If you're looking for something fresh and stylish, with the right product and a little imagination, these cool kids haircuts are easy to achieve!


1) Designer Afro Hair


Inspired by athletes and urban style, this shaved design helps to accentuate the small "kids" afro. If desired, the hair on the top can be grown out a bit.

For curlier or coiled hair, you can also try adding a burst fade to help manage natural texture while still preserving its character. Bleached tips can also add some extra edge to this already classic-cool look.


2) Scissor-Cut



This scissor cut is traditional on top and trendy on the sides. The disconnected line up on the left adds an asymmetrical twist that makes this style stand out.

To add some dapper flair to this style, try styling the top into a pompadour or slick back hairstyle.


3) "Baby Quiff" w/ Side Design


How adorable is this look? The edgy design and flip bangs add a statement to this young toddler's haircut. The classic quiff, specially styled for baby boys can make your son stand out in the crowd.

The design is of course, customizable allowing you to be creative with your little tot's style.


4) Shaved Hairline w/ Casual Top


Don't be fooled by its effortless appearance! This trendy haircut has a lot going on, although it's relatively easy to achieve.

With a slight hard part, a messy top, and a subtly asymmetrical fringe, this is a fashionable yet casual haircut.


5) Long Hair Fade for Boys


In addition to men’s popular long hairstyles, longer hair on boys is a huge trend as well. This messy slick back combines the long hair on top with faded sides.

You can help keep the hair out of the eyes with a touch of styling clay or by pulling hair back into a man (or "boy") bun.


6) Comb Over w/ Side Part


Retro-inspired haircuts have always been popular for boys of any age.

This suave comb-over is a simple, low maintenance cut that’s easy to achieve and style with a good high-quality pomade.


7) Disconnected Side Pomp


This is another dapper hairstyle that makes an excellent choice for boys who are going for a more formal look. We like how well this hairstyle works with bright hair colors as well.

For redheads and baby blondes, we recommend you give this look a try!