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7 Best Short Haircuts for Men

If you're looking for the following hairstyles... a low or high skin fade, a disconnected an undercut, a pomp, a quiff, a comb over, a faux hawk, a hard part, a buzz cut, or a messy textured fringe, there’s a fresh short haircut out there that fits your personal style!

When it comes to keeping your short precision hair cut looking fantastic and in shape for longer, TEXTURE is key!

Ask your hairstylist or barber to add texture into your next cut. This will allow you more leverage to create even more cool hair shapes on top.

The best thing about these short haircuts is that they're easy to style, making many of them simple yet trendy! If you’re looking for modern hairstyles for short hair, you'll love our list of the Best Short Haircuts for Men.


1) Boyish Cut


This haircut gets its name because the main goal is to make you look like a schoolboy.

All it requires is a temple fade cut to start, then by combing out the hair on top and setting it with a styling product, you create a "boyish" look that will make you appear younger, or at the very least, give your look a fresh, "youthful" appearance.


2) Short Curly Top w/ + Side Part


A fade and a hard part with a side-swept longer top is always a classy short hairstyle for men. If your hair on top is kept slightly longer and is naturally curly, it makes this cut even classier and more remarkable.

This style is among the trendiest men’s short hairstyles and is flattering on almost any face type.


3) The "Convertible" Cut


The term "convertible" refers to a haircut that can be worn in more than one way. Layered or taper haircuts can be styled with enough hair left on the top to style as desired.

Try it forward with bangs, parted or without a part, combed to the side or up and back. How you style depends on your hair length and type.


4) Butch Cut


A butch cut is not the same as a short buzz cut but is still low maintenance.

This cut is done with clippers and touched up with scissors, while the design part is detailed with clippers guards from 3 to 5.


5) Asymmetrical Cut w/ Side Bangs


Short haircuts for men don’t have to be basic. If you've ever considered trying something a bit more stylish— this asymmetrical cut with sharp textured bangs is a great option.

Notice the hair in back of this cut is left a bit longer. You'll also notice all the lines have to be super accurate to achieve the look of this unique cut.


6) Clean Taper w/ Sponge Curls


The clean taper and sponge hair curls cut has long, curled hair on top with the shorter hair on the sides and back gradually fading away, becoming progressively shorter as it ultimately blends with the skin.


7) High Undercut Fade w/ Textured Back


This trendy short haircut style with undercut sides can accommodate any guy’s sense of style. The textured slicked back hair gives the haircut more uniqueness and versatility, while the length on top gives you plenty of styling options.