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5 Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Wedding season is here! And whether you like it or not Gentlemen… your significant other will most likely be dragging you to more than one weddings this summer.


Now, of course you know how important it is to make a good impression as these types of gatherings. Especially if it’s new in the relationship and you’re the plus one and are still trying to win over the future in-laws. Not to mention there will undoubtedly be an abundance of beautiful decor and romantic views that you’ll be forced to take a photo or two in- so you might as well look your best!


In order to have a clean look and a “together” appearance at weddings, your main goal is to keep it simple while still staying true to your personal style. Of course, you want to clean up nicely and look presentable. Now, we’re not saying you need to completely change your look and transform into a Sunday school teacher or secret agent.


Once you put on your nice suit or vest and tie, dress shoes , belt and cufflinks, the hard part is over! And you can focus your attention on attaining a simple, yet classy hair style to take your normal style up a notch for a dressier occasion.


Take a look at these 5 Wedding Hairstyles for Men


1) Pompadour Comb Over


The style works well for most hair types. It’s styled with a longer length on top combed over to the side with a small side part, fading downward to a shorter, closer cut.


This cut is great because it works with a variety of hair lengths as well. A little extra length on top can give the pompadour more volume if you want a less dressy, more playful look. 


2) Ivy League Class Act


This style is perfect for a classic, more formal look. Channel your inner Ivy League school boy and capture this look by using a comb and hair pomade to create a distinct part with slicked-back sides and a gradual fade. 


3) “Messed” to Impress



If you’re a guy that loves that “just rolled out of bed” look, then this style is for you! It’s that classic “sexy without trying” look but with a twist. It will give your normal look that extra bit of attention that will be just enough to pull off for a special occasion where your date won’t want to kill you. 


This style works best with longer hair types and is a classic look that works well for a fancy occasion. Just work in a little product with light to medium hold like our ShapeShifter pomade through dry hair and style hair up with fingers to add volume and texture.


4) The Charming Man


This style works best for short hair and is a straight-forward, casual look that is easy to achieve. It’s never a bad idea to stop by the barber when you have a big event coming up… like a WEDDING! Ask your hairdresser to trim your hair so it is a touch longer on top but keep the sides short so it gives the cut more shape.


You can get this look with just a little product and very little effort. It’s great for any man wanting to look clean and elegant for at a special event, especially for weddings. It’s simple while still looking stylish.


The right pomade will allow you to get a flexible hold that will keep your hair in place but still let you add your own personal flare. We recommend our HydroClay pomade for medium hold and matte shine.


5) The Sophisticated Gentleman


For men with thick hair, at formal events, sometimes the easiest way to look like you belong is to let your hair do it’s normal thing. If you don’t normally slick back your hair, then don’t! The last thing you want is to look like you’re trying too hard.


Don’t overthink it! Instead, go with a look that accentuates your natural volume. To style use a light hold pomade or hair cream that will work into your hair easily without weighing it down. If you like this look, but don’t normally have a lot to work with, try using a blow dryer to help get more volume and achieve a look that will last all night.