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Hi, We’re Nick & Thai.

Two years ago, we were very frustrated. We tried every men’s hair styling product we could get our hands on. All of them had problems that fell into three categories. They looked and felt unnatural, they didn’t provide enough control to do what we wanted with our hair, or they used unhealthy chemicals.

Change your life.

So, for the past two years we spent countless hours and resources developing what we feel are the world’s best hair styling products for men.
We obsessed over details like how natural the product looked, how it felt in your hair, and how much shaping power it had.

Our commitment.

And we replaced the awful chemicals the other brands used with safer and more nourishing ingredients like organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic green tea extract, organic argan oil, lemon peel extract, horsetail extract and burdock root extract. As it turned out, they not only worked better, but were better for your hair, your health, and frankly, for your manhood.

Ready to impress?

We went through countless prototypes and formulas. We tested them relentlessly on our own hair and dozens of other hair types. We optimized each new formula continuously and so precisely that every characteristic and benefit we were hoping for was eventually achieved.

The result? Hair styling products that shape your hair perfectly, look amazing, feel amazing and have expensive organic ingredients at affordable prices. We are pretty excited and we genuinely hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Looking Your Best Just Became Easier